Capital of Sri Lanka

The capital of the country lies in the Western province and is the most populated Province in Sri Lanka. The western region of Sri Lanka is based on three main districts which are; Colombo, Gampaha and Kalutara. Colombo is known to be the country’s business hub and commercial capital. The kingdom of Kotte that lies in the Western Province was a sector of the pre-colonial period which was controlled by the Dutch, Portuguese and British. The foreign influences gained from the past ages can be still noticed in Colombo – The colonial style buildings are the best examples. Today, the capital of Sri Lanka is one of the leading and steadily developing cities in South Asia and the main sightseeing point.

Colombo is well-equipped with modern infrastructures that are essential for an urbanized environment.

Among them, the transportation system includes bus services and train services running towards many routes and at different times. The central railway station can be found in Fort which is the Fort railway station.

Numerous train schedules are operated to move passengers within City limits and out of the city. On the other part of the railway station, you will find the bus depot where most of the outstation shuttles are carried out.

The nearby bus stops available adjoining roadside, help passengers to travel within Colombo and reach other relevant destinations in city limit. If you prefer travelling at your comfort, then tuk-tuks and cab services are available for hire.

This may be relatively expensive compared to public transportation but ensures a comfortable journey.
There are so many things to see and places to sightsee in Colombo – Make sure you include them all in your tour list.

Enjoy everything from mouthwatering culinary experience, upmarket shopping, street shopping, entertainment, art galleries and religious places.

Occupied by multi-ethnicities, the culture and lifestyle of the people living in Colombo are almost similar to Europeans. This is why Colombo makes perfect nightlife and friendly people. There are so many night pubs and

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