Beautiful Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka – A land like no other. Nestled in the Southern tip of the Indian Ocean so-called jewel of the Indian Ocean, this compact island is blessed with various biodiverse highlights and world heritage sites. With its diverse views, full-range of amenities and hospitality, Sri Lanka reached its height as the best country to travel in 2019. Its geographical setting surrounded by the Laccadive Sea made it an excellent seaport for trading in the ancient time. It has a far-reaching history dating back to 3000 years with the indication of the pre-historic human civilization spanning back to 125,000 years.

For many years this island was ruled by several European inhabitants until it attained independence in 1948. Even today, the signs of the early settlers are presented through its architecture and historical landmarks.

The Galle Fort, Nuwara Eliya golf club and colonial buildings are some of the best samples of its European influence. Nevertheless, it has never missed the cultural importance as a country strictly following Buddhist teachings. It is believed that Buddhist Monk Mahinda visited Mihintale in 250 BC bearing the message of Buddhism to preach Buddhism among the people living in Sri Lanka.

As a multi-religious country, Si Lanka’s population encompasses Sinhala, Tamil, Christian and Muslim ethnicities while Buddhism remains as the main religion. Living in a multi-cultural background has offered Sri Lankans to learn and adapt to different situations.

This is why Sri Lankan’s are known for the best hospitality in the world. The friendly people always have a welcoming smile on their face and very generous while treating their guests. Visitors are not allowed to leave the house unless they are served with a cup of tea.

Moreover, traditional Sri Lankan meals shouldn’t be missed. The freshly prepared spices add fragrance and make these foods so tasty.
Talking about her natural beauty; the mother of nature has gifted exceptional features including serene beaches, tropical forests, jade hill country, never-ending coastlines, diverse wildlife and marine life and picturesque.

backdrops. The artificial reservoirs, sacred cities, the cultural triangle, historical temples, ruins and ancient sculptures add more pride to Sri Lanka’s cultural and historical eminence.

Nearly 8 sites of Sri Lanka have been listed in UNESCO World Heritage; the temple of the tooth relic in Kandy, Sigiriya lion rock, sacred city of Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa, old town of Galle and its fortifications, Dambulla cave temple, Sinharaja Forest Reserve and the area covering Horton Plains National Park and the Knuckles mountain range in Central highlands.The tea country of the central highlands has noteworthy attention towards the country’s tea production.

Young tea leaves from miles and miles of green tea estates are handpicked to produce fresh Ceylon tea – Known to be the tea in its purest form. The cascading waterfalls in nearby regions and rivers create perfect bathing spots in Sri Lanka.

The Kelani River streaming through Kitulgala is a well-known white water rafting destination among the locals and tourists.

The attractions of the country keep adding – Discover all during your visit to Sri Lanka.

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