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Sri Lanka is a tropical island off the Southern Coast of India with a hot climate all year round. It covers some 25,000 square metres with a coastline of over 1,500 miles and has a good road, bus and train network.

I have lived here all my life and know the island very well. I know the best places to visit, the best times and can advise on the best vantage points for your memorable photographs.

Travel is via my air-conditioned 8 seater minibus, unless you ask otherwise; some tourists like to experience a Sri Lankan train journey but are overwhelmed with the hassle and bustle. I can accompany you and organize tickets if you so wish. Alternatively, small parties can travel in my Tuk-Tuk, a common mode of Sri Lankan transport which is like a motorbike but under cover and with 2 passenger seats.


My prices include all entrance fees and guide fees, use of my minibus, driver and fuel, and hotels if you'd like to stay overnight in a particular area. I can usually book tickets and hotels at lower rates than foreign tourists can themselves so it makes sense to use my services!

As a rough guide, I charge a very reasonable rate and it depends on your requirements, type of hotels, activities preferred, destinations to visit, number of guests, the vehicle, number of days and meal requirements basically. As each tour is designed and tailored especially for you, please contact me for an exact quote for your requirements.